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How to sell online 2018 edition

Are you interested in selling things on the Internet? Do you want to sell your products or maybe you want to sell items as an affiliate? It doesn’t matter how you’ve answered these questions because you should know that using an eCommerce platform is the best way to start selling things over the Internet. Check out our how to sell online 2018 guide in order to find the best eCommerce platform for your business.


For many years, Shopify is the leading eCommerce platform that has helped thousands of people to build online stores. There are many things that we like about Shopify like their fair pricing. This is especially true when it comes to lower plans. It’s also good to mention that Shopify has some of the best themes we’ve seen. Many of them are premium themes, but there are some free themes too. With Shopify, you can expect smooth Facebook and Pinterest integration. You will also get access to thousands of applications and access to a professional support theme.


This is another example of a well-established eCommerce platform that can help anyone build an online store. The pricing is fair even though it’s higher compared to Shopify. There are more than one hundred themes available to users and they can also use an FTP client which is great for those who have experience in web development. You can use mobile checkouts and reviews/ rating systems. Don’t forget that most of the features available on Volusion are built-in and that’s why they are not offering many applications.


If you are planning on building a WordPress website or you already have one and you want to turn it into an online store, then you should consider using WooCommerce. This is a plugin and an eCommerce platform for WP-powered sites. The best thing about WooCommerce is that it’s free and easy to install. It’s an open source option with thousands of themes. If you opt for this solution, you’ll have to take care of domain name registration and hosting on your own.


Many experts say that the themes offered by Squarespace are even more attractive than the ones provided by Shopify. This eCommerce platform has a smooth interface and provides support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use this platform if you want to sell things on Facebook too.

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