There are a few things you need to know before you decide to sell jewelry online on eBay! Read this article and discover a few tips that can help you!
Jewelry can be a high-profit item to sell online. Before taking fine jewelry to your local jewelry store or trying to sell in on less known websites, consider selling it on eBay which is one of the most popular marketplaces on the web. Costume jewelry is a pretty interesting item to sell on eBay. Keep reading this article and learn how to sell both costume and fine jewelry online on eBay the right way.
Fine jewelry is considered to be a jewelry made with these materials: precious gems such as sapphire, ruby, emeralds, pearls, diamonds, sterling silver, white gold 10 carats or more, yellow gold 10 carats or higher.
Fine jewelry costs thousands of dollars and can bring some extra cash in an emergency situation. EBay can be a suitable place for you to consider selling your fine jewelry and get a fair price. Regardless of how you’ve got your jewelry, eBay can help you get the most money when you want to sell.
Costume jewelry is different than fine jewelry. It is made with inferior materials and it is also known as junk jewelry or fashion jewelry. It is made of cheaper metals including acrylic, nickel, brass, plastic, pewter, gold plating, and a variety of other materials and metals. Creative designers start making jewelry out of all kinds of materials that aren’t made anymore like lucite and bakelite. The vintage costume jewelry, however, can be pretty valuable (it depends on when it was made). Remember, fine jewelry is valuable because of what is made of whereas vintage jewelry is valuable because of its history.
Usually, it is hard to tell how much a piece of jewelry is worth. This is why jewelry appraisers exist and if you are planning to sell fine jewelry, it is smart to get an appraisal to help you determine the price. The appraisal can vary from jewelry to jewelry and usually depends on where you live. You need to get an estimation before committing to pay for the appraisal.
Another smart idea is to have the piece of jewelry insured. Most homeowners insurance policies have a personal floater that can cover jewelry at a minimal cost. The insurance policy serves a few important purposes such as showing on the eBay listing that an insurance company agrees with the appraisal, to show that you have done your due perseverance finding out the value of the item and ensuring it, to help you look more professional and credible against your competition on eBay, and to protect the jewelry until it has been sold and it is out of your possession.
If you have analyzed, you’ve probably noticed that jewelry is a pretty competitive category on eBay and if you want to take extra steps to overcome the competition, you need to come up with the right strategy. Take high-quality photos of the products you offer so the buyer knows what they are getting. You can show scanned copies of the appraisal, as well as, the insurance policy. You can include information about secure shipping and inform your buyers that the package will be insured up to the full value or worth of the item. If you want to establish a professional relationship with your potential customers, answer questions quickly and clearly.
Take your time to learn how to sell jewelry online, and if you already have a clearer idea how you want to do your business online, here are some of the best companies that will help you in your process of creating your site: shopify.com/sell/jewelry 

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